Eethuis De Fobie

Welcome to restaurant De Fobie in Ghent

Tasty - Honest - Cozy


We are a couple that loves to eat good food. That is also the criteria for all of our dishes: above all, it has to be tasty. ‘Tasty’ for us is about simplicity in our choice of ingredients and creativity in the use of these ingredients. When we create a dish we follow our gut feeling. We are very finicky when we buy our ingredients and the result always shows respect for the original flavors. We want to keep our dishes honest, from our choice of ingredients to the price.

When people visit us we want to offer them a cozy setting, a warm welcome and a personal service.

  • so people can truly enjoy what we cooked with love and care;
  • and so we may see you again ...


Steve en Ann

Latest news

Closure because of coronavirus

Dear customers,

As you probably know, the federal government has issued a closing order for all restaurants and cafes. And this to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Consequently, we will be closed until Friday 3 april. We follow the situation closely and if there are any changes in the situation we will communicate through or website and social media.

We will not provide take-away during this period.

We wish everyone who is affected by the virus a lot of strength.

See you soon!

Best regards,
Ann and Steve.